The Show Must Go On!

We had an interesting time at and lots of enquiries from all over the UK, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland and Israel, the show certainly has a diverse audience and plenty of dentists, but has still to prove the return on investment over the next few months. From a marketing perspective, raising the business profile, customer feedback and learning about the ins and outs of the UK market and potential hurdles we may face it was a very valuable exercise. We also got to meet the @DentistSinging and learned that is a very good tool for networking in the UK and spreading information and marketing for FREE…Provided you are connected to the right people of course!

So we returned back to the office Monday and were delighted to find orders from the show from UK dentists, along with some orders that had come in over that weekend from Japan and the USA. So onto the next!

I tell you one thing though, considering I was at the Dental Showcase to sell toothsigns, I was surprised at how many people were trying to sell me recruitment, advertising and other shows around the UK! Thanks, but no thanks this time…

Anyway, overall good experience, really nice people, lots of interest……Watch this space!





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