International Distribution

Well never let it be said that making new products and ideas is an easy task, in fact its quite the opposite. Between staying on top of manufacturers, finding distribution routes and managing clients expectations, its a tough job, but extremely enjoyable and satisfying…We finally received confirmation that our Irish delivery will be arriving early next week, with our UK delivery to follow shortly, and we have now sold units to 4 countries around the world – Ireland, UK, Germany and Japan, not bad for a idea that was only conceived 2 years ago and has been in development ever since.

Having made 5 prototype units back in 2014, which was an incredibly important part of the process, we are now taking delivery of 50 units, with hopefully many more to follow. Back at the start we were only going to make one prototype because of cost, resources and other factors, I am glad now we didn’t cut corners, because we have a proper sample of products to test.

To be fair we did set some high goals at the start and our criteria was pretty stringent:
– Reasonably Priced to dentist customers and 3rd parties
– Capability to be shipped worldwide without damage
– Strong light capacity using LEDs, for long time cost effective use
– Potential to be branded with local practice details
– All parts could be replaced easily by a suitably trained professional
– Waterproof, vandal proof and within local building regulations

The list goes on….

Anyway, check back soon, more pictures to follow… Exciting times…

A few key learnings that we have experienced:
– Take responsibility for making things happen and push along the process yourself
– Contact businesses in other countries who think the same way you do, and supply similar products
– The world is a small place and products can be shipped anywhere, at a cost
– Try to cover all based in terms of quality, instructions, insurance, websites and information to make life easier for your customer, it helps them to buy your product


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