Coming To A Dental Practice Near You Soon!

Well after months of work we finally received our delivery of units to Ireland, with our UK units landing in the next 2 weeks. Its been a long road to say the least but we are absolutely delighted with the outcome and switching manufacturer was the best thing we ever did. We have divided our stock between our European base so we can distribute anywhere in Europe within 2 days, and we will have a stock in UK and Ireland, so we can achieve the same turnaround time. We are now ready to distribute anywhere in Europe, or worldwide if necessary, just get in touch if you are interested

We expect units to start being installed in Ireland this week, and our units will be delivered to Japan and Germany this week also. We are only sending a few units to both of those markets, but all going well we really expect big things from them in the future. We believe we have identified the right trading partners and look forward to doing some volume in the coming months.

See one of our new toothsign units below, I think they look fantastic. We slightly re-engineered them after a steep learning curve on our first 5 test units, but so be it. At least we did not have to go through 5,127 prototype designs like James Dyson… : )

So onwards we go, we are in the process of co-ordinating delivery to 4 countries, its a long way from a drawing on a page back in 2014…


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