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Production on schedule – Just to confirm delivery date

Well good news folks, after many months in the last few days we have gone to mass production on our units, this is not a photoshopped image…. We are delighted to be near the end of this process, manufacturing

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January 2016 Update

Well after a productive and interesting 2015 we find ourselves into a new year. We achieved a number of key milestones last year which we are extremely pleased about. – We took delivery of 5 test units made in the

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Visit to Manufacturing Partner

Delighted to meet our manufacturing partner last week, and get a few days out of the office..I genuinely believe its always better to do business face to face, even though there is technology available so you can avoid it. We

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Going to visit our new manufacturer next week

I am heading over to meet our new manufacturer next week, so the toothsign is packed and we are flying out Tuesday. The old bike carrying case came in handy to make sure there is no damage in transit, it

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World’s Largest Tooth

So we were out on recon last night in Blackrock, observing and photographing one of our toothsign units, to see the impact it was having on the main street, and helping our client practice to stand out. You can see

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Back on the Pony…

I feel like I am at confession again ‘Dear readers, its been 5 months since my last post’ I know……slap on the wrist and time to get back on the pony. The good news is we have a good few

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4 down, 1 WIP, 995 to go..

So after a busy few weeks and thanks to some friendly electricians we managed to get the tooth signs installed in Cork, Dublin and Kildare with very little fuss. We had always built the units to make things easy for

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Big Update, Feels like lots of progress

Well Happy New Year, to anyone who is following our story and some interesting updates. First of all we got another order for one of our signs today, going to County Wexford in the sunny South East, the client

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Progress is slow, but nearly there!

Well I just realised its been almost a month since my last post, but thats ok as we are manufacturing, so there is not much more we can do until the first units arrive in Ireland for installation. We have

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Friday Night Update

Well, its been a busy week on a number of fronts, but we are still making progress. Our manufacturer has come back to us after seeing the prototype and said they were happy with the overall design, and (wait for

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