Production on schedule – Just to confirm delivery date

Well good news folks, after many months in the last few days we have gone to mass production on our units, this is not a photoshopped image…. We are delighted to be near the end of this process, manufacturing is a new experience for us, but exciting and an interesting learning curve. We have been in touch with all of our clients to give them an approximate delivery date, and we very much look forward to seeing them in use in Ireland, UK and Germany.

The best thing about this production process going forward is that we will have a stock of units in Ireland, UK and Europe, so if you order today we can get the unit to you by the following week all things going well.

Well thats all for now, got to get back to the day job of Dental Marketing, lots done more to do…



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January 2016 Update

Well after a productive and interesting 2015 we find ourselves into a new year. We achieved a number of key milestones last year which we are extremely pleased about.

– We took delivery of 5 test units made in the UK and had them installed at 5 dental practices in Ireland
– The Toothsign units have been tested over the last eight months and thankfully have presented no major issues or problems
– Based on the success of the first 5 units we sourced a new manufacturer in the EU and visited in November 2015
– We have a number of orders from the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and potentially Japan, which gives us immense confidence in our idea and innovative signage product

In early 2016 we visited our new manufacturer again to see our first production unit, and we are pleased to say that all went well, to the extent that we brought the unit back to Ireland for one of our Cork clients

So, we are now firming up on orders from our clients and waiting for our manufacturer to confirm the production timelines for the toothsign units, and delivery to our clients in Europe. We have also launched a dedicated German website for our friends in Germany and we are working on a French version also, coming soon as they say.

See below a few pictures of our new toothsign units. Nearly there…..

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Visit to Manufacturing Partner

Delighted to meet our manufacturing partner last week, and get a few days out of the office..I genuinely believe its always better to do business face to face, even though there is technology available so you can avoid it. We saw the full production facility and methods from start to finish and met many of the staff who will be working on the product. Much easier to discuss the product, design improvements and really analyse the best way to get things done.

So onto the next, we have been in touch with all of our patient customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe to update them on our progress and request their patience for a few more weeks, while we make a fantastic, durable and innovative product for them.

If you are interested in our toothsign product there is still time to get your order in. Get in touch today by email or phone.

Bye for now….


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Going to visit our new manufacturer next week

I am heading over to meet our new manufacturer next week, so the toothsign is packed and we are flying out Tuesday. The old bike carrying case came in handy to make sure there is no damage in transit, it barely makes the airline baggage constraints..

Unfortunately this process takes time, but I suppose so do all things worth doing and achieving. In the meantime we are still getting orders from the UK and Ireland which is encouraging, still waiting for Europe to come on board…

Anyway another step in the process of making this the world recognised sign for dentistry, you have to start somewhere right.

Thats all for now, more next week with pics.


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World’s Largest Tooth

So we were out on recon last night in Blackrock, observing and photographing one of our toothsign units, to see the impact it was having on the main street, and helping our client practice to stand out. You can see from the pictures the LEDs are pretty powerful and clearly show the outline of the tooth. We mounted them around the inside of the tooth shape to ensure it was clear from a distance. It is also very easy to read the text and see the practice logo on the toothsign unit, so we achieved what we set out to do.

In terms of orders we have a number of practices on a waiting list in Ireland, and with help from a list of NHS practices we have a good few orders from the UK too, so are close to going to production. We will still need a few more, so if you are reading this and want a toothsign, get in touch today. We ship worldwide and take sterling, euro and dollars…

Get in touch if you have any questions or +353 86 2043415

You can also read our piece on Linkedin by clicking here 



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Back on the Pony…

I feel like I am at confession again ‘Dear readers, its been 5 months since my last post’ I know……slap on the wrist and time to get back on the pony. The good news is we have a good few more buyers on board from the UK and Ireland, also our 5 test units are still in place and happily getting their owners practices noticed around Ireland. Without making excuses, we have been working hard for our existing dentist clients, and in our mainstream general marketing business, not sitting on the beach, relaxing…..Ok, maybe a bit.

We are still a bit away from where we need to be for the manufacturer, but some really positive activity in the UK recently, means we hope to be going to production on at least 50 units by the end of October, or early November.

So, if you are reading this, and interested in purchasing an innovative toothsign for your practice, get in touch today by phone or email. Our lines are open 23.5 hours a day….


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4 down, 1 WIP, 995 to go..

So after a busy few weeks and thanks to some friendly electricians we managed to get the tooth signs installed in Cork, Dublin and Kildare with very little fuss. We had always built the units to make things easy for clients who order online, and receive the toothsign units via courier to be installed locally. Having years of experience in buying things online, its always the guys that make life easy that I find myself going back to.

On a positive note all of our clients were delighted with their purchase, and since showing around the pictures we already have a good few orders for Ireland and the UK. We do really need to get a group of clinics on board at this stage so that makes commercial sense, also the manufacturing cannot go ahead without a certain minimum number. We have already reached out to some dental clinic groups in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, but have had very little return as yet. Onwards we go and will continue to be persistent…. More updates soon.

If you are reading this and want to buy a toothsign for your practice, get in touch today by calling +353 86 2043415 or email: we are waiting for you call  : )

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Success – Toothsign Units Delivered


Well, I never thought I would be writing a post, one year on, celebrating the delivery of my units. Its been a learning curve to say the least..But here they are in all their glory. I know this is not hugely exciting for most people, but when you have spent a year working on a project, where you took an idea from your head and tried to make it reality, this is a very satisfying moment with product in hand. I will be happier when they are installed at my clients premises and working for them, bringing patients in the door.

So where do we go from here..Well we have lined up installers in Dublin and Cork and plan to get the signs in place in the next two weeks. After this has taken place we need to review the process from start to finish and look at the feasibility of doing this on a larger scale, and across Europe. This is the next chapter and will be documented  here.

In the meantime the mission to sell 1,000 units continues. We have been in touch with a number of dental groups across the world to try and close a large sale, as we think that selling them one at a time, could take a lifetime. Saying that since we finished these units we already have several orders lined up for the UK and Ireland, we are still working on the rest of Europe, but watch this space, we are hoping the power of the internet will help us spread the good word…

Bye for now, lots to do…






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End of March Update

Well, where are we now…

As per last update we have paid for the units and are just waiting for them to arrive in Ireland, so that we can arrange installation. In the meantime we have been in touch with the Signage industry body ( in the UK to get some guidance on Health & Safety and some advice with regards to the best way to approach the UK market. I must say they have been extremely helpful and gave us some sound advice.

So, this morning I spent a few hours putting together an Installation, Maintenance and Inspection document which will be sent out with all toothsign units. The advice we received said that although its not mandatory, there may be legislation coming down the line, so we are better off being ahead of the curve.

In the meantime we are just communicating with our clients and trying to research ways of scaling this idea and project up, so that we can distribute in the UK and Europe for the time being with ease. Another serious of challenges, but we are used to them at this stage.

Delighted we have managed to get this far with our idea in a reasonable timeframe and financial cost. It will be fantastic to see the units installed in the next few weeks.

Make sure you come back in a few weeks to see our progress….and final result.

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Update March 2015 – ‘Thats Manufacturing’

Well, I feel like I am in confession ‘its been 2 months since my last post and in that time….’ it has been too long, but unfortunately progress has been slow due to a number of factors. But, thankfully we are there now, made our final payment last week and we are waiting in anticipation for the product to be shipped from our manufacturer, which we expect to arrive by the end of this week…..Exciting times….

In retrospect if anyone had told me how long this process takes, I am not sure I would have been as enthusiastic about starting it. To be honest it has been almost 18 months in design, development, sourcing a manufacturer and getting the product shipped to Ireland. It has put our business under financial pressure, and has been a big risk, as our clients did not want to pay in advance for the product, and our manufacturers wanted full payment before the product left the factory. Coupled with a very busy start to 2015 with our dental marketing and general marketing clients, and suffice to say we are glad this phase of the process is almost over…

At this point, some advice for others thinking about going down this road I have some tips:

– Try to have the finances in place to fund the project, separate from your business cash-flow
– Even with all the planning in the world, give yourself twice as long as you expect to complete the project
– Work with a quality manufacturer who works with reputable and well known organisations, as they will bring advice and professional expertise to the table that will assist with your project, and chances are improve the outcome. It may cost you more for a ‘test’ production run but I am confident it will save you numerous headaches down the road
– Keep your first clients in the loop on your progress, as they will appreciate the effort and should understand the ups and downs of business, if they are business owners themselves

So where are we now, we have designs finalised, products made and are literally waiting for them to be packed and shipped this week for delivery by Friday….. We are also getting back our prototype, which we sent to the factory so they would have a firm understanding of our progress, and a great starting point to speed up production.

Finally and most importantly we are very grateful to our first 5 clients – 3 in Dublin, and 1 in Cork and Limerick who have been extremely patient, which waiting for their tooth sign’s which they ordered in November 2014. As I said to one of them recently when they requested an update – ‘That’s manufacturing for you…’

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