September 2017

Hi Folks, Just to update you as I have not written an update since June, its almost like a church confession at this point. We are still in business and selling toothsign units all over the world along with our other business Dental Marketing International most recently with orders going to Poland, UK and the USA.

 One of the more interesting things that happened was our  interview on ‘Dentistry Uncensored’ with Dr Howard  Farran, Founder of among other  websites and businesses, including his dental office in Arizona. The video is coming soon and we will share it with you, we talk about our and its success around the world, along with our other dental marketing services to help get your practice noticed!

If you are interested in purchasing a unit for you dental office please get in touch or +353 86 2043415. We look forward to hearing from you!

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5 Units Remaining – June 2017

We have been delighted with the response to our innovative and unique unit, with interest from around the world, and successful deliveries and installations in USA, UK, Germany, Ireland and Japan. We now have only 5 units left so if you are interested order now! Don’t delay… or +353 86 2043415


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2017 Update – Almost Sold Out!

Hello and welcome to anyone following this blog, or our progress over almost 3 years from the inception of our idea for through the design, development and sales process. We are delighted to say that we have sold almost 50 units into 5 countries around the world including Ireland, UK, Germany, Japan and the USA. Here is a recent photo from our partner in Japan, who have been patiently working with us over the last few months.


So as of today we have now reached the last 10 units we have of this production run, which could mean the end of the project, or may mean that we have to go to production again and start working on selling our second 50 units in the next few months. I am still adamant that this is a significant contribution to the dental industry across the world, and I will sell over 1,000 units…..only time will tell.

This has been an interesting journey,  and has proven to me that anyone can take an idea from their head, and with enough determination and drive, make it a reality….and successful. As a result of the toothsign we have met many wonderful dentists across the world, acquired clients outside of Ireland and the UK, and most importantly helped patients to find their local dental practice more easily!

Out for now, more interesting updates coming soon….

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Give your Dental Practice a great gift this Christmas!

Well I am delighted to say that we are down to our last 10 units, 50 looked like a big number back in May, but with clients in 5 countries we were not long going through them. So, if you are still sitting on the fence, and want delivery in time for Christmas its time to get in touch today. Like the post office we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas, after the first week in December, so get your skates on….

In the last 6 months we have delivered all over Ireland and the UK, Germany, Japan and the USA, with our fast and friendly delivering I think we might even give Santa Claus a run for his money….

Need to get in touch or +353 86 2043415



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The Show Must Go On!

We had an interesting time at and lots of enquiries from all over the UK, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland and Israel, the show certainly has a diverse audience and plenty of dentists, but has still to prove the return on investment over the next few months. From a marketing perspective, raising the business profile, customer feedback and learning about the ins and outs of the UK market and potential hurdles we may face it was a very valuable exercise. We also got to meet the @DentistSinging and learned that is a very good tool for networking in the UK and spreading information and marketing for FREE…Provided you are connected to the right people of course!

So we returned back to the office Monday and were delighted to find orders from the show from UK dentists, along with some orders that had come in over that weekend from Japan and the USA. So onto the next!

I tell you one thing though, considering I was at the Dental Showcase to sell toothsigns, I was surprised at how many people were trying to sell me recruitment, advertising and other shows around the UK! Thanks, but no thanks this time…

Anyway, overall good experience, really nice people, lots of interest……Watch this space!





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Come See Us at B26 at Dental Showcase London UK

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, I know its been a while since I posted an update but we have been extremely busy and shipping toothsigns around the world : ) Anyhow, because of the success of the toothsign over the last 6 months we have decided to exhibit at the biggest dental show in the UK #BDIA2016 so why not come and visit us from the 6th to the 8th October? Don’t worry we don’t bite!


Come and talk to one of these handsome chaps, who will be happy to answer your questions. We will also have 2 toothsigns on display for you to see, along with a special offer, just for the show. We have already had several enquires from the UK over the last few days, and we have not even been there yet!! Giddyup! I will post a full update after the show, so check back next week.


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Summer 2016 Update

It has been an eventful few months, with many more sales in Ireland, additional units sent to Japan for testing and our first 3 orders from the USA in Kansas, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Our existing toothsign units in Ireland, UK and Germany seem to be going well, which means we have now successfully shipped to 5 markets around the world.

We are also in the process of finalising our exhibition stand at which is one of the largest dental shows in UK, taking place in the ExCel London from 6th – 8th October, so looking forward to that….The Official launch of in the UK.

So if you are interested in getting a dentist sign for your practice, get in touch today and we will ship it to you within a week, no matter where you are. Any questions just send us a quick email to


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We were delighted to form a relationship with a great partner in Japan who is well established in the dental industry and is interested in distributing our product over there. We were amused by their approach to direct marketing, but whatever works for them….Hopefully we will get a few confirmed orders soon. In the meantime we are progressing on with the UK, Ireland and Germany. Giddyup


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Coming To A Dental Practice Near You Soon!

Well after months of work we finally received our delivery of units to Ireland, with our UK units landing in the next 2 weeks. Its been a long road to say the least but we are absolutely delighted with the outcome and switching manufacturer was the best thing we ever did. We have divided our stock between our European base so we can distribute anywhere in Europe within 2 days, and we will have a stock in UK and Ireland, so we can achieve the same turnaround time. We are now ready to distribute anywhere in Europe, or worldwide if necessary, just get in touch if you are interested

We expect units to start being installed in Ireland this week, and our units will be delivered to Japan and Germany this week also. We are only sending a few units to both of those markets, but all going well we really expect big things from them in the future. We believe we have identified the right trading partners and look forward to doing some volume in the coming months.

See one of our new toothsign units below, I think they look fantastic. We slightly re-engineered them after a steep learning curve on our first 5 test units, but so be it. At least we did not have to go through 5,127 prototype designs like James Dyson… : )

So onwards we go, we are in the process of co-ordinating delivery to 4 countries, its a long way from a drawing on a page back in 2014…


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International Distribution

Well never let it be said that making new products and ideas is an easy task, in fact its quite the opposite. Between staying on top of manufacturers, finding distribution routes and managing clients expectations, its a tough job, but extremely enjoyable and satisfying…We finally received confirmation that our Irish delivery will be arriving early next week, with our UK delivery to follow shortly, and we have now sold units to 4 countries around the world – Ireland, UK, Germany and Japan, not bad for a idea that was only conceived 2 years ago and has been in development ever since.

Having made 5 prototype units back in 2014, which was an incredibly important part of the process, we are now taking delivery of 50 units, with hopefully many more to follow. Back at the start we were only going to make one prototype because of cost, resources and other factors, I am glad now we didn’t cut corners, because we have a proper sample of products to test.

To be fair we did set some high goals at the start and our criteria was pretty stringent:
– Reasonably Priced to dentist customers and 3rd parties
– Capability to be shipped worldwide without damage
– Strong light capacity using LEDs, for long time cost effective use
– Potential to be branded with local practice details
– All parts could be replaced easily by a suitably trained professional
– Waterproof, vandal proof and within local building regulations

The list goes on….

Anyway, check back soon, more pictures to follow… Exciting times…

A few key learnings that we have experienced:
– Take responsibility for making things happen and push along the process yourself
– Contact businesses in other countries who think the same way you do, and supply similar products
– The world is a small place and products can be shipped anywhere, at a cost
– Try to cover all based in terms of quality, instructions, insurance, websites and information to make life easier for your customer, it helps them to buy your product


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