2017 Update – Almost Sold Out!

Hello and welcome to anyone following this blog, or our progress over almost 3 years from the inception of our idea for toothsign.com through the design, development and sales process. We are delighted to say that we have sold almost 50 units into 5 countries around the world including Ireland, UK, Germany, Japan and the USA. Here is a recent photo from our partner in Japan, who have been patiently working with us over the last few months.


So as of today we have now reached the last 10 units we have of this production run, which could mean the end of the project, or may mean that we have to go to production again and start working on selling our second 50 units in the next few months. I am still adamant that this is a significant contribution to the dental industry across the world, and I will sell over 1,000 units…..only time will tell.

This has been an interesting journey,  and has proven to me that anyone can take an idea from their head, and with enough determination and drive, make it a reality….and successful. As a result of the toothsign we have met many wonderful dentists across the world, acquired clients outside of Ireland and the UK, and most importantly helped patients to find their local dental practice more easily!

Out for now, more interesting updates coming soon….

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